Develshion: As the first of the other Descendants she had met, Artemis had accompanied him for some time before parting ways after his slaughter of the child Lot. She currently considers him a childkiller, but not a threat—she makes sure to remind him every time their paths cross that he couldn't beat her, a ten-year-old girl, in combat.

Dr Mysterio: Though she has not known him for long, Artemis is nonetheless amused by his interesting cooking, and wishes she could have stayed for the feast after the group's Green Slime campaign instead of having been dragged off to the Templar by Develshion.

Majkel: Another Descendant she does not know much about. All she can really say is that he doesn't like to see children get hurt—he kept insisting that she stay behind the others during the Green Slime campaign.

Amelia: Artemis looks up to Amelia as a role model. The two priestesses have traveled together for quite some time, shared a bit of their respective pasts with one another, snuck away from Amelia's 'caretakers' Rikka and Ixus to allow Amelia some time to sort things out on her own, and are currently fighting on separate fronts of the Kol siege in their best attempts to help keep things under control.