This is where warriors will truly earn their keep.

  • ATTACK—Use your equipped weapon to physically attack a single foe.
  • SPELL—Use a spell that you have learned, as long as you have enough MP. The number and type of targets vary with the particular spell.
  • ITEM—Use an item's inherent properties to aid in battle. This includes consumable items (such as Herbs) as well as non-consumable items with magical properties (weapons, armor, etc.).
  • RUN—Attempt to flee from battle. Running is done on an individual basis; it is possible for a single player to escape from a battle and abandon his/her companions.
  • EQUIP—Choose another weapon or armor from your inventory to equip.
  • DEFEND—Parry the enemies' attacks. All physical and magical damage received (but not poison damage) is halved.
  • CHARGE—Move ahead in the party order. This is coupled with the DEFEND command.
  • RETREAT—Move back in the party order. This is also coupled with the DEFEND command.
  • SWITCH—Move between two different groups in a party. You may also choose the position in the party order where you will wind up. This is coupled with the DEFEND command.
  • Enemies in battle are often arranged into "groups." If you target a monster and it is defeated before your turn is executed, your target will automatically change to another monster in the same group. If there are no more monsters in the group, your attack will fail.
  • If there are more than four players in your traveling party, you are required to split into groups of four or less. Likewise, if there are four or fewer players in a party, you may either stay in the same group or split into smaller groups.