Garradum is a particularly peculiar character in the Dragon Quest Cosmos saga. Generally inward and reclusive, he has nonetheless made the occasional extroverted display--a prime example being his Yi-Jing castings for the adventurers partaking of the Archaeologist quest based out of Garinham. Such mystical leanings seem even stranger in light of the fact that Garradum has taken up the role of Fighter, using a very foreign style of martial arts in combination with some occult influence.

The majority of Garr's past remains unknown to all but himself, and perhaps even he himself is unaware. Several figures have appeared in what may or may not be flashbacks, including but not limited: to a strange woman, perhaps a princess, with black butterfly wings and shimmering silk gown (last seen, incidentally, in an arctic environment), who may or may not have been a past lover; and a well-dressed merchant who seems to have served as a mentor figure. He also encountered a 'barmaid' at the Brecconary inn who he apparently has known for quite some time, as evidenced by the following paragraph:

"'It hasn't been THAT long, Gar.'
She was right. Not long at all...the way we see it.
Our eyes look at a different horizon than most."

In discussions with the Hexologist he has discussed "laboratories", which may or may not be linked to theoretical flashbacks involving the butterfly girl and what appears to have been a place of highly advanced technology. Although based on Garr's performance in the Lutenist quest the biggest question in DQC may no longer be "Is Garr insane?" but rather, "How insane IS he?!"

Thus far it seems that Garr knows everyone, and it would appear he has quite a past in Alefgard if not beyond. He refers to the Hexologist as Asaru, and evidence suggests he is not only acquainted with the present King Lorik but with the Lorik of nine generations past(!). When Ixus gained the Fighter's Ring, Garr inwardly felt some concern that it 'still' existed. There has been some insinuation that he knew of Erdrick, Glennard, et al.; however, this information should not be taken lightly due to Garr's apparently mental instability (as most evidenced during the Brecconary Slime Siege, wherein Garr began incinerating trees and uprooting them with his bare hands; at one point this seems to have been a side effect of hallucinations of an 'iridescent llama.')

Nonetheless, it DOES seem that a fair share of characters know who Garr is; this gives him a considerable line of contacts, and keeps him fairly informed of goings-on throughout Alefgard.

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