• Similar to the original Dragon Warrior "Hero," but with half MP.
  • Designed as a "jack-of-all-trades" which can fill any role within the party.
  • Can equip almost all weapons and armor.
  • STR ***, AGI ***, HP ****, MP ***


  • Can equip most weapons and armor, except for highly magical items.
  • Designed as a tank, with high physical defense and attack.
  • Cannot use mid- to high-level magic spells.
  • STR ****, AGI *, HP *****, MP **


  • Can equip only the lightest weapons and armor, and no highly magical items.
  • Designed for precision attacking, with a critical hit bonus of +1 every 4 levels, as well as a natural evasion boost of (AGI / 16).
  • Can use only the most basic magic spells.
  • STR *****, AGI *****, HP ***, MP *


  • Can equip many weapons, but no heavy armor.
  • Designed as a healer with decent attack capabilities.
  • Uses high-level healing magic, but cannot use most mid- to high-level attack magic.
  • STR **, AGI ****, HP **, MP ****


  • Can equip only light weapons and armor.
  • Designed as long-range firepower, and is thus not well-armored.
  • Uses high-level attack magic, but cannot use mid- to high-level healing magic.
  • STR *, AGI ***, HP *, MP *****